Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Rocking the Decor Around the House

Beware....lots of pictures! 

This little Victorian boy has been in my Christmas decor for many years.  My mother in law gave me 2 of these.  A girl and a boy.  They are both battery operated.  They are both just full of cuteness and when turned on, all eyes are fixated on their every move.   This year I moved them to the family room.  I normally have them on a table together in the formal living room, but I thought we might could enjoy them a bit more in the room where we are the most.

These items are also in my family room.  I changed out the Fall decor in my glass container (from Goodwill) and added some potpourri and a Christmas candle.  I tied a velvet ribbon with a couple of charms around the container for that little extra touch.  I kept the cross (from Goodwill) in the mix and changed out the bowl Fall decor to some random ornaments.

 The Angel and the snowman have been around for a while.  The Angel actually has a candle in it and glows perfectly when lit.

Remember these Santa's I picked up this summer in Nashville at a Thrift Store??  What a lovely trio they are.  I've used them in my family room on a shelf with 2 plates on each side.  These plates were purchased last year at a Goodwill Store.

I changed out the plates on my plate rack in the family room.  I decided to use a cream colored plate behind the Christmas plates I had.

 Another plate I found at Goodwill.  This one sits between 2 poinsettia's.  All 3of these items were found at Goodwill last year.  The Snowman was a Big Lots find several years ago.

Now we're in the formal living/dining room.  We all know what Christmas is all about.  The celebration of Jesus' birth.  The manger scene is always a must have at my house.  I found this Angel at Big Lots several years ago after Christmas.  You will be surprised how much they want to get rid of all their Christmas decor after Christmas.  The prices are amazing!
These are some random pictures of more decor throughout the living/dining room.   This Santa balloon ride was another find several years ago at Big Lots.  Santa spins and it's musical.  
 The angel is also battery operated and the candle lights up that is in her hands when turned on.
 How can we not have Mickey and Minnie in the house at Christmas??  This was Hannah's find several years ago and we splurged on this one for her.  When turned on it is musical and snow blows throughout the inside!  Ryder has finally learned how to turn this on and off and I can tell you he will stand there all day long if you let him!
 This Angel is a tree topper that I use on a table.  I filled the silver basket with red colored balls.  Red and Silver just seem to be a perfect color selection for this Angel.
 This arrangement use to be my centerpiece on my dining room table.  I have since moved it to the bottom shelf on this table.
 I have 2 of these angels and candle holders on each end of my sofa table.  You can see my very large snowman standing next to the sofa table. 
 This glass votive arrangement was found several years ago at Brylane Homes.  You have to check out their website.  They have amazing prices and I've ordered many things from them in the past.  As you can see, I had to open the front door to get enough light in the room to take these pictures.  You can see underneath the table was my wrapping station.  I can say that they are all wrapped and under the tree today!

I hope you've enjoyed this random tour of Christmas decor throughout my house.  

I have just a few more gifts to buy and some stocking stuffers.  I've made my grocery list and I seem all set for the big weekend ahead of us all.  

I am trying to stay focused and not let the madness of the holidays stress me out.  Christmas is almost here!  Take the time to breath deeply and enjoy!!

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  1. so very lovely ! Have a wonderful Happy Christmas !

    - KAT -

  2. Beautiful!! I love how festive everything is.

    I'm your newest follower! I would love for you to come by my blog and follow me back if you get a chance :). Found you through Debbiedoos newbie party.

    Merry Christmas!

  3. Merry Christmas to you and your family. Thanks for linking up to the party.