Sunday, December 11, 2011

One Thing at a Time!

I've been spinning around this entire week.  Thursday was my grandson, Ryder's birthday.  So...with the Christmas decorating and shopping, I had to stop to focus in on birthday gifts and helping his dad (my son)throw him a family birthday party on Saturday.  Since I'm always cha-chinging around here with deals, it was left up to me to find the Swing Set deal of the century for his birthday.  This was something my son really wanted to give him and I shopped until I dropped to find that deal.  Thing is....the real deal happened only 2 weeks before his birthday and we had to have the swing set shipped to his local Walmart.  They gave us about a 10 day delivery date with the last date being on Monday.  AFTER. HIS. BIRTHDAY.!  Panic...but we held on tight and every single second daily I would check the Walmart site to see if there was any movement with this swing set coming down South.  Finally on Thursday, I found (probably another Grandmother that has been in my situation), a very nice customer service lady that checked and assured me the swing set would be in by Friday.  A huge sigh of relief for sure.  We were all happy campers.  I ended up at my son's at 9am Saturday morning for him to begin the process of putting the swing set together before his 2pm birthday party.  I was the designated babysitter....but with Aunt Hannah in tow, I had time to do some decorating at my son's house.  He was "tied up"....what can I say?!   So...I searched and searched through all his closets and found some very beautiful Christmas decorations.  They are now displayed throughout his house and after a huge eye roll from my manly man son....he knew there was nothing to do but "go with it".  Dad's can have their home decorated, right?!   He's a very tidy person, so no real cleaning to do before the party....but I certainly had fun decorating.  The laundry room was a blur when I looked in....guys just don't do laundry well you, I kicked in and did as much laundry as the day allowed.  He owes me BIG TIME!

The only camera that we had...well, of course the batteries died as soon as it was turned on.  ALWAYS. HAPPENS. TO. ME.  But....I had him a little mini party at lunch on Friday with the daycare kids and he was in rare form.

Here's some pics....

This was the ONLY boy cake Walmart had to offer (at the last minute...ahem).  It was a Toy Story cake with a Woody figurine on top.  Doesn't Walmart know that Ryder likes CARS?!  So....I yanked Woody off the cake...yep, sorry about that Woody....bought a firetruck and turned this very interesting cake into a Matchbox car cake....what?  A firetruck can't ride through the desert??

Did Ryder care?  Oh no he didn't!!  He wanted that firetruck off that cake!!  Poor blurred up Allie (the dog) in the background was just hoping that Ryder would make a critical mistake and knock this cake over.  Allie is a cake lover...and has proved herself time and time again that she will get to a cake if it's on a table ANYWHERE!
Before the cake was served...Ryder knew he had to eat his lunch!
Really Nana?  Clean my plate?  Seriously?
Which turned from really silly!
FINALLY....he could blow out the candles...the first candle went down really fast....the second candle...well, it took a few spits blows, but he finally got it blown out.

All the kids enjoyed the little party and the treat of eating SUGAR before nap time.  I can't believe Ryder is two.  He has brought so much joy into all of our lives these past two years. 

So...with that behind me, I can focus now on shopping.  I have just a few more gifts to take care of.  I have a lot of wrapping to do.  I hope to finish wrapping the gifts today.  My Christmas Eve and Christmas Day menu's are written up with a grocery list attached.  I've found this great recipe for Christmas morning for breakfast.  A Crockpot Breakfast Casserole.  I'll be sharing this recipe with you soon.  Our precious Sophia will be arriving December 23rd and we are excited to see her....oh...and her parents too!  They'll be spending 5 days with us.

What do you think I'm going to do with THIS face??

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  1. I love the pictures of your grandchildren, but your countdown to Christmas is killing me. hehehe