Monday, January 16, 2012

Jewelry Organization

My daughter, Hannah has accumulated quite a bit of jewelry.  It seems Santa thought she should be blinged out this year.  Not enough room in your jewelry box?  I saw this idea somewhere and decided it was the way to go with keeping up with her jewelry.  She's not the best person about returning her jewelry to the proper place, but this idea made it a bit easier.

 I found these 2 boards at Goodwill some time ago.  I bought the 2 boards on 2 different occasions.   Trust me, these boards are ALWAYS at our Goodwill from time to time.  After the first board on top was filled, I bought board number 2 and begin using it for Hannah's Christmas bling.  I keep it hid behind her room door.  Her jewelry is always handy and she knows exactly what she has at one glance.  Ummm...see the big, ugly white cord....don't ask, this is hubs bright idea.  Mmmmkay?!

 I still have to "straighten out" the boards to my satisfaction from time to time, but it's proven to be the best way to store her jewelry.  I've noticed since we pulled everything out of her jewelry boxes, she is wearing the jewelry more often now.  You know the old saying, "out of sight, out of mind".  This freed up tons of room on her dresser!

There's room for a couple of more boards behind her door if need be.  Please kill me if she needs them.  This idea would work well in a walk in closet totally out of site.  But for her...for now, I find that it's a "good thing".  

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  1. Using those boards for jewelry is a great idea. I hadn't seen that idea. HIDING them behind the door is an even better idea! You don't want to see what I have behind my bedroom door, trust me.